CSSE and ITS Computer Accounts for Students

Students doing Computer Science (COSC) courses will generally use accounts set up on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) department systems, but will also use accounts set up on Information and Communication Technology Services (ITS) systems. This document introduces these accounts, and provides links to additional account information.
CSSE students need to be aware of ITS accounts, since: all email goes via an ITS mail account, CSSE printing is charged to an ITS account, and off-campus internet access requires the use of an ITS internet account.

The password on accounts can be independent -- changing one password does not change any of the others. It is possible to change the passwords on all ITS accounts in a single operation and students should use this method.

CSSE Accounts

The standard installation of CSSE computers in labs and workrooms consists of a Linux main system with Windows 10 available as a Virtual Machine. Different COSC SENG DATA and ENCE courses make use of these two operating systems.

The CSSE department performs its own account maintenance for the Linux systems (workstations and servers) used in most COSC courses. Note that the department has a CSSE Code of Practice on computer use which specifies rules governing the use of CSSE accounts.

The CSSE Linux accounts are generally used from Linux workstations in CSSE labs, but they can also be accessed in a variety of ways from various ITS accounts. Also, all mail for CSSE student accounts is held on the ITS managed mail server.

ITS Accounts

The ITS department operates a number of computer systems and provides a range of computer-related information for Students and ICT Services All students enrolled for one or more COSC courses will automatically have mail, internet and Windows 10 workroom accounts setup for them by ITS.

Each usercode registered with ITS has an account set up on their computer systems providing a set of ITS services, some of which are charged for (e.g. printing), with all charges billed to each student's ITS usercode. Administration procedures are provided for Students and ICT Services depositing money, changing or resetting passwords, getting account history, etc.

Support for ITS accounts is provided by the ICT Service Desk. It can be also contacted by phone (extn 95000; off-campus, 3695000 ) and email (ucassyst@canterbury.ac.nz).

Please be aware that the ITS Policies govern the use of ITS accounts. Each account is for the sole use of the person it is assigned to.

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