Computer Accounts for Senior Students

Postgraduate Accounts

Every senior CSSE student (400-level and above) has separate computer accounts with both the CSSE and Digital Services departments. These accounts must be used according to the CSSE Student Policies on computer use and all the references linked therein.

Accounts for postgraduate thesis students on both Digital Services and CSSE systems are closed by Digital Services, with adequate notification some time after thesis acceptance, or upon withdrawal from the University. Accounts for PG.Dip.Sci. and Honours students are treated as undergraduate accounts for closure purposes, meaning that such accounts are closed in March of each year that the student is no longer enrolled in these courses.


Printing on CSSE printers is managed and charged by the Digital Services department. All enrolled doctoral students will be credited a $30 allowance for printing

The default Digital Services disk quota, i.e. how much disk space you have to store files on P: drive, for postgraduates is 50 GB. Students receive this allowance automatically once their enrolment is confirmed and their Digital Services account is created. The CSSE disk quota for home directories (H: drive) of postgraduate students enrolled in CSSE courses is also 50GB. More is available if required for thesis work.


Students are responsible for paying all charges incurred. All computing charges are administered by Digital Services made to the student's Digital Services account.

If students require access to a facility that they are normally not allowed to use they should ask the Chair of the Facilities Committee. For tutoring work, students should get the lecturer or CSSE administrator to do any photocopying that is required, and use the appropriate tutor's account for printing.

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