Computer Science & Software Engineering Labs

The CSSE department operates four undergraduate computer laboratories on level 1 of the Erskine Building. The standard installation of CSSE computers in labs (and workrooms) consists of a Linux OS (Mint) with Windows 10 available as a virtual machine along with some others. Different CSSE courses make use of these operating systems.

Only students enrolled in courses taught by the CSSE department will have card access to the labs and login accounts on the machines.

The Lab supervisor's office is in room 134a. Any problems with equipment should be reported to the Lab Supervisor (phone 90932, or email, unless you are in a scheduled lab session when such problems should be reported to the tutor.

Further information on other CSSE Lab topics is here:

Other help is available on the CSSE Help page.

Other Undergraduate Facilities:

  • There are a number of phones in the CSSE labs in the Erskine building. These phones can make calls to any extension on the University exchange (including to the Halls of Residence), 0800 calls, and 111 emergency calls.