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Computer Allocation Procedures

These are the procedures the CSSE Department uses when allocating computers bought from the Facilities budget - it does not apply to computers bought with research grants, etc. Usually the Department buys enough new desktop computers every year to replace about 1/4 of the departmental computers - these are the "NEW" computers referred to below, although occasionally older computers have to substitute as "NEW" computers. The computers which will be nominally replaced are the "OLD" computers, which are at least 4 years old.

Undergraduate (100-400 level), Masters papers, Diploma students:

Computers up to 3 years-old with a standard installation of Linux system with a Windows10 virtual machine are available in shared spaces (e.g. labs, workrooms).

Thesis students:

Each student will be allocated one NEW computer for their desktop with a standard installation of Linux/Windows10 systems. If a student requires a second (third, etc.) computer for their thesis work they should get their supervisor to discuss this with the programmers. The request would then be referred to the Chair of the Facilities Committee (CFC), but see also ``Research Groups'' below.


One NEW computer, which will be updated each year/time there is a significant upgrade of standard computers. Usually a second OLD computer would be available when, for example, platforms for teaching and research are different. A few staff also have more expensive computers, such as Macintoshes, purchased on the understanding that these would be upgraded less often. Requests for additional computers should go to the Chair of the Facilities Committee (CFC), after consultation with the programmers to determine the best configuration.


Similar to staff, although this is subject to availability and normally a computer would not be purchased especially for a visitor.

Research groups:

Many research groups require extra computers for their work. Research groups will be permanently allocated OLD computers as available; requests for additional computers should go to the Chair of the Research Committee (CRC). The technical staff will inform the RC when OLD computers are available. NEW computers are not to be temporarily moved from labs or offices without approval of the chair of the Facilities Committee.
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